Two Poems about Planes


I wonder if it is a metaphor
how my dreams end before collision
I get so curious when I see them falling
big flying objects, drones without supervision

gravity finds its way to my mind
the pilot fears my mood-swings
often in my sleep
I witness planes in their fallings

I follow the downfall in slow motion
splitting the plane in two
I wait for the sound of corrosion 
anticipation of sound is the clue

sound comes in waves
the way smoke does
but smoke is already here
and it isn't making a buss

I wake up void of impact
the silence acts as an aid
and reality is under hypnosis, love
I am never afraid

I wonder if it is a metaphor
how my dreams end before collision
I get so curious when I see them falling
big flying objects, drones without supervision


طائرات بقرب شباك الغرفة تضع كاميرات التنصت

 عصابات تستولي على منزلي وعلى عائلتي يوماً من كل أسبوع
 رجال بيض مرتديين بدلات سوداء
 في المساء يتجمع أهل الحارة الغريبة عنّا ليسترقوا النظر في هذا الحدث المسموع
 لا يعجبني شيئاً من هذا، بل انني اشعر بالداء

 في النهار، يأتي رجل منهم ليتحدث معنا في اشياء لا تعنيه
 يبقى لوقت طويل واعترض على وجوده
 يوضحون لي اهلي انه ينتظر بقية العصابة
 فننتظر معه

 ابدأ في البكاء

 ينظرون الي جميعاً بنظرة غارقة بشبر من العاطفة
 ويستمرون بالنظر من دون ردة فعل

 من هنا فصاعداً أأخذ بالبكاء طوال الوقت
 في اوقات الجلوس مع العائلة وخلال استحمامي وقضاء الوقت في غرفتي
 يسمعونني جميعاً ولكنهم لا يحاولون ايقافي
 وكأنني ابكي عنهم جميعا
وكأنني فاعل الخير

 زعيق وأنين

 طائرات بقرب شباك الغرفة تضع كاميرات التنصت

Hotel Cairo (Scene 6)

11th of December 2016

The family drove out to the Nile before dawn to take a boat back to the other side of the city. They kept thinking this was just a trip, how - then- could it take away their child? They arrived with the sun at the desert coast, a mountain behind and the other side of the city ahead. Mother and father spread a sheet and sat at the back of this scene sobbing, while the young man and sister sunk their feet in the river.

He thought of the creature of the Nile that was known to heal misery - a penguin in the size of a dinosaur - and why it was not here, when he suddenly hears its elephant sound coming from a far away distance. He looks ahead and there it was - approaching, with broken chains on its flippers, stumbling from the heat under its feet and all the buildings and dust in the air - desperately trying to find the Nile.  The young man knew that the police must have taken it hostage, far from water, and what he and his family were witnessing was its ultimate escape.

Human instinct in its original form runs to other's aid, but this changes with extreme circumstances where humans become self-absorbed rather than self-observant. The young man asked mother and father to help the creature but they had no interest to do so. Out of fear, out of negligence, out of revenge? it didn't count. The young man waited until the creature reached the Nile and swam slowly towards their coast, giving it a bowl of chicken bones that his sister had eaten from earlier.

A plant starts growing before the young man's eyes. Is this real? Is this a nightmare? A white, palest of branch, with black buds; it reminds him of the insect dragon that killed his brother. The creature starts to shrink at the same time; turning human-like, and soon after, the buds start to pop and shoot a numbing liquid. He runs in fear through the desert immersed in poison. His sister follows him into an abandoned garage. A hurricane struck through the emptiness and echo of the space. She starts throwing spells at him. He worries he is being played; turned into something.

With a face wrinkled from old age, he wakes up years after, alone at a dingy hotel room, watching a window blocked in concrete and reminiscing the two that once gave him a visit, and a moment so bright and blurry, it never ends.

Hotel Cairo (Scene 5)

11th of November 2016

There's a limit to love, but the galaxy between them never found earth. This moment is not ending, could it be a trap? He thought in dread. The other man tells her something (also in french); she opened her fist and gave him a branch - a white, palest of branch, with black buds - that she had in her palm. The young man was unaware at this point; he slips into oblivion and passes out the minute they leave the room. 

He spends the night on the floor of the most prestigious suite in the hotel. This suite had a window overlooking the deep valley that creatures flew over. He woke up the next morning, poured himself a drink, and as he stood by the window observing the empty desert, he saw them from a distance; the two from last night - they were climbing from the bottom of the valley; wearing camping bags and clinging onto a robe.

He glanced at the building on their side, and through one of its windows he saw an Egyptian woman in colorful housecoat and a head wrapper. He couldn't have anticipated her next move when she calmly opens the window shutter and jumps. From the highest building in the area, the woman falls steadily in one line, landing on the robe. Three of them fall together down the valley. He sees creatures flying over this scene and taking the bodies away - but these creatures were human-like.

He writes this down.