Bright Blue

Turning the lights off. Closing the door. He left last night. She knew he would. Days hasnt been going easy. He's been hiding under covers and labelled by actions. He's been away for sometime.
He's escaping. No matter how they try.

Next morning, she woke up on a voice. A girl she calls her angel, wanting a reason. He left these walls. He left home last night.

''Lately, things have been rough. I can't love him anymore,'' She told her, looking through her. ''But he'll be around, every now and then.''

Four, three, two, one. Open your eyes. This is where we're going to be now. Such a different place it might seem, such a loss that we woke up, but life is not a dream.

When you feel alone, when you miss that part of you, I will be here.

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