Passing Distance

Distance doesn't take more than time. Soon, it goes on. I know that because I live with it everyday. Because every morning when I wake up all I think about is distance.

It's not difficult getting used to something you dislike. It's difficult knowing it's your only choice and you can't do anything about it. Then it becomes routine. For me, it took me sometime to get over all the what ifs and if onlys. But now I feel happy and blessed. I know in three months and some days i'm going to stop thinking of how far. I'm going to think of only one thing. Distance will be a memory, a good one.

So I try, I build myself up. Prepare. I believe you never know you're strong enough until you're patient enough. And i never knew my strength until lately. I've known everything. I know now that I can.

Everyone needs to be apart for sometime to realize how much they need and miss each other. Distance is not such a nightmare. We can always dream. We can always be together.

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  1. I love you and I can't stop thinking about you. If a cent falls down out of the sky each time I think of you, I'll be the richest person history has ever known. Well then of course I'll dumb you and be too busy gambling and traveling the world! Lol!

    Distance.. Distance is killing me. They said technology has made it easy for us, I think it's no more than a pain killer. Listening to your voice, seeing you on screens and not being able to touch you and feel the warmth in me heart when I get close to you or the strength you give me when you hold my hand are killing me in the most painful way.

    But then you say you miss me too, the pain fades away, it turns into joy so I just go on and smile.

    One day we will live together, and distance will be forgotten. Then we will look back at this and call it memories.

    I remember I told you once that I don't believe in one sacrificing his\her life for the ones they love. It seemed too stupid to me until you happened in my life. Well, guess what? I would give up my life for you.
    I love you, Hosam Omran!