I have counted days; made myself ready
I knew that I was on my way
Hours flew by. I knew where I stood
I kept my feet still. I was ready.
But I was lost;
frozen by words and rehearsed by air.
Just like the snow. Just like this memory
Where did i stop? When did i start?
I keep this hope. I plant this wish.
I'm with you; burning down with you,
holding on.

Stay if you have no where else to go,
but go - oh please go - if you have a shelter.

I won't keep you safe,
I know only how to keep this still;
space and sound, lost in these faces, trapped with no fences.
Our pictures have been changing.
We fade by the door.
We forget.
Storm visits every moonlit night.
Take what you're left and run.
Don't hide when you can run.
Don't linger.

The whole world is waiting;
staring at the sun.

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