Black, White And Colorless

'Your times won't have me, neither will the miles. We share sadness, hope and this smile. Your eyes will see me but they won't feel. I want to draw you. Have you here.'

I kept the papers and the lines figured, placed in notebooks and shelves. I still try to believe, but I'm lost in this moment and in myself. I want to draw, make this world a painting. I want to grow.

I wasted ink yesterday. And the day before. I tried and got less than what I hoped for. I followed my instinct. I had nothing to say! So pointless. I want to have more and think less. Where do I go now? I turned the page and drew a line. Watched it for sometime. Unawareness. My thoughts just stood still. I wanted to express a hope or a will. I wanted to scream to the sky and color blue over a tent and a kite. I wanted to fall and break up the puzzle on the ground. I wanted to drown. Yes, drown. But I surrendered to a slightest doubt. I looked down on my pen and it was just laying there, here and now.

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