''I have moments when I forget myself'' he said. ''It's just for tonight.''
''But what if..'' I yelled. ''What if..?!''
''Trust me''
''Last night I could've never seen but now I know. Everyday I learn.''
He gave me a piece of paper. It said 'stay'.

The sky was cloudy, it could rain. I heard silence and waited.

''What makes me this way?''
''What makes you in love?''
''No, scared''
''Love'' he said and looked out the window. The sky was turning dark. Drops of water scattered the view but he could tell, there was more than rain. There was more than darkness. There was more. We heard loss as it came closer and noises filled the street.

''When did they come back?''
''They never left''
''But why here?''
''Someone told them it's their right''
''To destroy?''

''Lets move''
''Where? And why?''
''There's a house next to a mosque, it has a garden and a big orange tree. It's not far from here, it's only safer''
''This is home''
The lights went off as he was looking out. The fire from outside showed us all we needed to see. But then, we fell asleep, into unawareness.

''I don't want more than this'' he said to me.
''But I do'' I said and closed my eyes.

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