October Days

I want to see grandma. She's been in the hospital for three days. They told me she's alright so I'm not worried. Her heart is strong enough, I know. They said she'll be out today. I wanted to visit her yesterday but visiting hours were only at morning and I have school. My school takes most of my day.
It's a nice place, my school. It began to feel familiar, like a place I'd look back to and remember. Only now have I known that this is where I'm meant to be. This city is definitely much better than it was a month ago. Must be the weather.

I was driving the other day, going to my cousin's house. I like going there. They're like my second family. As I arrived, I parked by my cousin's place. I saw this 50 year old man, he looked physically disabled, something with his hands. All I know is, he had two children walking behind him, I'm guessing they were his kids. I was glad to see them. 

I wish I was better, don't we all? I wish I could be perfect. Not perfect, because I think it's not real or possible but I wish I could be perfect enough. I wish I didn't make mistakes. Someone means the world to me and deserves better than my imperfections.

I'm thinking to go to rainbow street today. It's a street on the way to downtown. It's calm and nice at this time. I got my new camera so I'll take pictures. I'll probably find an old man sitting on a bench next to a dry tree, or two lovers standing on the sidewalk. I might find anything. Who knows. I'll go.

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