Here are my thoughts. Here are all my memories, all my fears, all my dread. Here are my mistakes. Here are the good times and the bad times. The empty hours and the fullfilling ones. The truth and the lies. The happiness and the pain. The guilt. Here it is.

Here are all my words. The ones that made an affect and the ones that passed by. The ones that fell in love and the ones that told a lie. Here are the promises. Here are the lights, the clouds and the rainy nights. Here is the summer I spent and here is the winter. Here is the snow. Here it is.

Here is the world and my dreams. Here is what I gave up and what I gained. Here is you, him, her, them, all of them and the rest. Here is my wish. Here it is.

Here it started and here it ends. Here is the love, the doubt, the act and the fall. Here is hope. Here I am.

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