Windows, roofs and buildings. From where I stood, they seemed close. They weren't there, neither was the sea.
I saw waves and drowned in my thoughts. Moving back and forth; compromising. I saw a light. It wasn't there.
It was sunset, or so I heard. I seem to turn blind with no concious. I seem to ask for brightness. Must be my own dark side. It's all me.
The air goes to no where; lost and Preserving. I watch it travel and lose track. I watch it race feelings I lack. I feel warm; must be morning. It's all me.
Have I told you about my fears?

I saw thunder, sometime before I could, moonlight and rain. Insecure, I kept my sight awake; bright yet fading. My hands were no more shivering. I stared at a sky. Air must have traveled away, because I was alive and breathless; overlooked my soul and settled.
I don't wonder now. No, I don't feel the pace anymore. I don't want answers. I'm good.

Doubt, hope and strain. From where I stood, they seemed close. They weren't there, neither was the sea.


I held your name to the sky, took it by hand and gave it to the air. It came back to me, every time.

It became my sanctuary. I sing to it every morning, rehearse it before I sleep. I pronounce it slowly deep within my chest, hold it tight and hope.

It traveled with me tonight. I took it to happiness and then to pain. We saw dark clouds that turned to night. We placed voices with stories about us. We remembered our start and painted an end. I loved you til the last breath.

Neighborhood complained about me. Calling out didn't bring you here. You're still moving in that town. We go where the wind leads us. We've been everywhere, wandering around.

Forget about the storms outside. This heart will keep you warm and bright. This house is only a thousand miles away. Come by sometime.


I have counted days. I have made myself ready. I have known that I was on my way. I was ready. Hours flew by. I knew where I stood. I kept my feet still. I was ready. But I was lost. Cold. Frozen by words and rehearsed by air. Just like the snow. Just like this memory. Where did i stop? When did i start? I keep this hope. I plant this wish. I'm with you, I'm burning down with you. Holding on.

Stay if you have no where else to go. But go, oh please go, if you have a shelter.

I won't keep you safe. I only keep this still. This place and sound. Lost in these faces, trapped with no fences. Our pictures has been changing. We fade by the door. We forget. Storm visits every moonlit night. Take what you're left. Run! Don't hide when you can run. Don't linger.

The whole world is waiting. Staring at the sun.