Layan and Lana

I've always wished I had a brother. A guy I would tell my secrets to, share my stuff with, fight with and pretend to hate. But If I had to choose between having a brother and my two beautiful sisters I'd definitly choose my sisters. Because I have the best sisters in the world.

Layan and Lana, two very stubborn girls! They always get what they want. Layan, the most stubborn one, has the kindest heart and best smile. She's confident and strong. I know she's going to grow up to be a strong woman, and definitely a popular one! I know that whatever she does, she does for a reason. She's smart, unlike me. I'm so random and all over the place. Lana (pronounced Lna) is the little one. Even now that she's 12, she's still my little sister that I deeply love. She's loud, but very quiet at times. She's selfless and caring. I think she's going to be a great person. A role model.

I really miss living in a room next to theirs. I hate to not be there to watch how they change and go through life. But I'm certain they're strong enough for anything that'll come their way.

I hope everyday that they're making the right choices and that they're living life to the fullest.

Can't wait for next summer!


Ignite the space that is so empty
The lights that broke in and the ones trapped in the act
Ignite the lonely soul and find me
Stay and hold on, there's that and there's a fact
I've had sweet but I've chosen the bitters
The weights grow wings on my shoulders
I wasn't born a bird
Ignite. Because it all stays here
We stay here when we're gone; if we're gone
Ignite the time of recognition
The love, the lights and this song