Once upon a time in the land of Palestine, a city was invaded by an armed Zionist organization. Families were expelled from their homes, a mother was pregnant and had a miscarriage as she joined the rest of the families running away. Her child's soul was spilled on land and it became the land's reincarnation.

'Asqalan (read with the Arabic 'Ain) lived on as a spirit, away from family and under another's conditions. S/he is the lost existence, the occupied soul waiting for freedom, whose birthday is yet to come with the rebirth of Palestine.

Named after the city (one of the oldest cities, built by the Canaanite people and is now a part of Israel), and standing for Palestinians right of return, ‘Asqalan wears a Hatta (Palestinian scarf), has two pencils as feet and writes while walking.

Visiting Palestinian martyrs

Often passing by a Palestinian man dealing with sacrifice of land and belonging at the same time.

Tied to chains of weapon, no way of resistance has yet brought peace upon land.

'Asqalan's religion is unknown, but s/he prays in front of a restaurant that was previously a mosque for the city.

Ever since creation, 'Asqalan has never been seen by humans, but by Palestinian fictional characters - often goes to Beirut to visit Jafra, whom s/he considers an other mother.

'Asqalan met Sheikh Imam in 1988, and they sang together.

While traveling, s/he writes on immigrant's bodies reminding them that they, too, are Palestine. 

'Asqalan now speaks two languages: Arabic and Hebrew.  Living by the Mediterranean Sea, often visiting people and fictional characters, then returning to the sea

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Blinding Sun

Here's to you, my blinding sun. I know I had my share and the dark has won. But if I open my eyes, would you erase the things I've done? The shadow still calls me, and for it I'll always be the one.

I have love for this sky but as I stare, I see a simple sound and a simple glare that tells me I should run. When you're gone I cannot preserve you, my blinding sun.

I see you because I am blind tonight. So I tell you now, for I have no time or light. I'll shape a boat and sail back to where it begun. I'll shape a rocket and a rising gun. Then travel back and find none. To find only you, my blinding sun.

In This Air

I wish they'd hear me now.

The bells have gone silent and there's only noises of the street, a car passing by and a truck following the road. There's a parking dog and a crow far away. There's my cat leaning on the chair and my love lost in this air. I wish they'd hear me now.

But they won't. Even if this feeling reaches their eyes. Their vision will see what they want it to see. They'll blind themselves from my identity and judge my love. This eternal love. I wish they'd hear me now.

Because it had visited every corner in here. Like a rising star in a bright moon night. It had given me jealousy and long nights. It had given me this pure conscious hope. There isn't anything it hadn't given me. After all, it's all that is to me. I wish they could hear me. I wish they could hear me now.