Art Fair 2011

The struggle after lost love, Yemen's revolution, animal cruelty, LGBT rights and 3sqalan are the main contents that my booth at Amman Street Art Fair 2011 was based upon. It had 14 drawings (mostly ink/pencil sketches and acrylic color paintings) and 5 photographs. I have always wanted to portray and bring recognition to deprived freedoms, diversities and feelings through simple yet expressive art, and this was just that.

The photography was taken in Yemen last month, I wanted to show the peaceful side of Sana'a, the one that the media and news don't portray since the revolution. As for the drawings, I had little descriptions next to the ones I wanted to express more through, which gave me a chance to clarify certain feelings that the drawings had and were not necessarily apparent; feelings that are often felt and not shared, like vulnerability and uncontrol over oneself.
I gave 3sqalan his own side of the booth where he told his story, was introduced to new people and talked about Handala.

The event was outdoor, there were bands, movie nights, graffiti and about 20 other artist booths. I got to meet some crazy talented people, and spent five days surrounded with art and support. And by support I mean Enas; the one and only Anooseh.
This is my first art exhibition, and hopefully won't be the last. Specially with 3sqalan's plans on my mind.

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