Almond and Sugar

I've saved almond and sugar next to my grave, spread them if sand holds my body and not the sea. Let my origin know me for my branches, not my roots. Don't let my name give in to this recruit. Call me a witness. Call me a notion. Call me a waste of air, but don't call me a part of this society running in slow motion. Call me an ocean.

Because death is the only thing that will put me in a box and even then it won't trap my soul. I am anger in disguise; only at this instant I am alive, but soon I'll go back to the dead. This is not a will, this is a heart and lungs suspended by a thread. There's a land under the look and our hands are over shook with deals and compromise. Here's my body, it's worth living, not dying for. It's worth giving but not to a bloody floor. Save me; face me. Don't detain my thoughts to let yours break me.

Your music is faster than my heartbeat and your darkness so obvious it looks like the sun. There's more to life than this life, and there's more to death than a soldier with a gun. I've saved almond and sugar next to my grave, spread them for sweet dreams, and for those that lived in me.