1."I'm shipping greed off my address, you'll see tonight. There will be victims in the sky and clouds that guard your sight, but you will see and you will remember me. Last year, I wrote a poem titled struggle and left it struggling. This year, I gave my vision to take yours but you gave back nothing. I'll no longer hold your greed."

2. "Remember letting go? It's my furthest knowledge of an end; the most uncertain and clearest to comprehend. Time relates to my constant yearn, but never to my clinging. It tells me to scream when it's my turn but instead I keep on singing. I'm always saving my life and writing another story. I'm always throwing my body in a dead sea, reaching for what the tied is bringing. Remember letting go?"

3. "I want to bloom, not grow. I want to be naked to this space, not standing in the row. This system only finds me after scanning my lines. I want to be found within my rhymes. I want to discover pride in the chaos we've built under our shame. We're haunted with what we hold in and hold on to. We're flaunted with our names."

4. "Culture is a window, not a cage. It has tapestry on its edges and poetry that travels with age. It is not an identification for your alignment or morality. It is a work of art, not a test of infidelity. Be and let it be."

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