There was a man with steady feet that only shook with the ground. Years earlier, he moved to a land that welcomed him and the wind. His house learned to imitate his stutter; the words he breathed out caused a flutter to move in. But that was not worth knowing for an air that kept on going to meet the ecstatic greet of the fall, to come back and give him one at a time, until he lost it all. 
"I would give you winter," it said, "but this stalling is what I offer before gold...and snow, well, it will only drain you cold."  
He waited. The air sent him hail at one phase, and then it only rained for days, until some man took the gold and ran away. 
There was a man without a past, and a present at stake; they never met in harmony for they couldn't relate. He knew he wanted what he never had but what he held was too precious to replace. So he built a bridge over his heart that he was never to cross. Then he held on to his gold and he prayed, "God, don't ever let a man take it and run away." 
There was a woman called Jude, her name never put her in an absolute side of femininity or manhood, but her mind did. He told her that he's not a she. And when people called her names she'd remind him that he is stronger; that no matter how wrong she is for them, their words are wronger. She felt love with someone who felt the same. She was gold. But one day, a man took her and ran away.                        
There was a man in uniform. He held tables and set them together, organized plates and kept them according to the weather. He knew that food is better served with warmth and he was in a hurry, because late at night some people feel lonely and others begin to worry. In his mind, food was a statement; it was like gold and he was the messenger.
"Equality, care and trust."
Two people sat on the table, with their eyes on the man in uniform as they ordered their meal. "With a bit of tenderness on top." 
The place was filled with orders. People came from outside the borders to taste their wishes. But one night, people changed. The man in uniform came to see no gold. A man took it and ran away.