Meena (Part VIII)

"Forced marriage has always been accompanied with a picture of a woman, even though some men suffer from it. Though given more freedom than women; some men are very much oppressed by other men."

I was wondering about Diya's appartment now that it's been rebuilt in my vision. Meena had talked about its details, scent and trails but whom did they owe this to; who owns this?
"Diya's father is a man you might know. He lives on conflicts and states the law. He got Diya this place when he moved away for college along with big expectations to chase in their desperation for knowledge. This society has one state of security, pride and shame. I think the reason I feel familiar with many faces is because they're all the same."
Meena said as he let go of the needle and the scarf, caught a cigarette between his fingers, then proceeded to tell the story of a singer.

Khader_he said_couldn't continue college and wanted to live his dream, but was baffled by an arranged marriage that lasted a year and gave birth to a life by its end. His son_Mohammed_is now seven years old. He visits Diya's place every month on a weekend.
"He once asked his mother about his father's orientation and she warned him of asking again. But I told him 'mithli' is not a curse word."

The day had become noon as Meena told me stories in and out of tune. At times, he would forget I'm facing him and I'd only be facing his words. Blind were they and often dim. I've come to know the ruin in him and it was then all I heard.

"Enough," he said, with a face filled with covers, and a smile that he would give his lovers.
"You're like Azhar; always with a question."
Unintentionally, when Meena said that, I remembered him telling me about Azhar not accepting his sexuality; that he never accepted love for he was used to hate, until hate killed him. And I thought of why Meena related Azhar's questions to mine, because one thing I knew is that mine were scripted, but his were personal.

I drank the glass of water as we set the date for the next day, carried my equipment and ideas, and told Meena to lead the way.

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