Meena (Part XI)

'You of all are mine.
You're the breath I take but never give away.
Not to the trees, not to other men and not even to you.
Like these words, you are most lonely in my mind.
You of all are mine.'

Badr was travelling to the kingdom of iron and stone to make paper. His fimilarity with planes didn't help in putting him to sleep. Instead, he opened his sketch-book to an unnamed character whom he's drawn after Meena's designs. 'Qumasha', he titled it with a smile.

"That night, I slept in Darwich's room to make sure he gets a rest for he hadn't been sleeping well. There was a past in his mind and a present not present. I found a letter under his pillow; one that his partner sent."

Meena told me that in love, when a promise has to turn to oblivion, it is most remembered. Maybe that is why he doesn't commit to love and yet he is full of love.

A week later, a man's singing voice was covered by noises in the street. He was walking home when he heard a voice calling: "Khader!"
What no one knew is that Khader had been missing someone, and what he knew is that it's the one that called his name. He walked to Diya's apartment carrying Badr's luggage. Meena, Darwich and Diya were expecting them but not what was coming.

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