The Story of Sleepwalkers

Long ago, before God created sleep, people did so much while awake. The earth was full of people working together and making things. But soon after, humans became tired. God had to create the concept of rest—what about when they blink, their eyes stay closed, he thought, and then there was sleep. With time, the darkness of sleep became all too familiar. God had to add color, and that is how dreams came to life. When the devil found out, he became angry that darkness lost its power. He created nightmares to wake people up, after which people felt tired and couldn't go back to sleep—they resented the devil. So the devil had to do something, and the only thing he could do was speak to God, and a deal was made: only those who can't dream in the day can dream at night. But when daydreamers found out, they felt neglected. They stopped dreaming in the day so they would dream at night, but they ended up having nightmares. Hence, God and the devil made a new deal: Only those who can dream in the day can dream at night. But this time, pessimists felt neglected, for they tried dreaming in the day, but the sun was too hot and people were too many. Noise surrounded all pessimists. God had to do something and the only thing he could do was to create people that can be in both worlds at once—people that are around us right now, people that can walk to kitchens while sleeping and even fly out of their beds—they're the chosen ones. They have the power of darkness.

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