Hotel Cairo (Scene 1)

10th of October 2016

There was a man alone in a big hotel room at downtown Cairo. The room had an open window to the roof. The window was bed for two mating creatures. The creatures were strange; furry and rat-like but in the shape of polar bears, he thought, he'd never seen similar animals. They could be his friends, he thought, but they didn't see him.

His bed was across from theirs, and he looked up every morning; they greeted the sun with dolphin sounds - moved around during the day; finding food for one another - their bodies didn't suggest that they were light in weight, but he sensed that they were. He was wrong.

One night, as the man laid in bed and they laid above, he noticed that one of them had eyes wide open, and for the first time, it was glaring at him. He tried to avoid it but a communication occurred without intent, and he feared that to them he could not be a friend, because he's invasive... He occupies! One wakes the other up; making sound signals, like a cat eager to a attack a moth.

They jump to his bed.

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