Hotel Cairo (Scene 2)

10th of November 2016

Sunlight at dawn calls for intimacy. In a room with rise-filtered corners and delicate sheets kissed by the sun, the young man was on his bed when he heard a gentle knocking on the door. He put down his notebook.

They wore towels as they let themselves in; a girl in her mid-twenties with the tallest of figure and the blackest of hair, and a man walking before her, undressing himself. She smiles as she approaches; casting a spell from a distance. Did she keep starlight in her fist? Is that why she grabs on to the towel so tightly? How intriguing it would be to kiss her, he thought. She didn't tell him anything, but the way she stared at him told a tale with a mysterious ending; have they met before? The other man was distracted, but this young man had to acknowledge euphoria; he asked them to stop before they reached him. A quiet moment followed where the three of them stood still staring at one another.

Every detail of this moment felt like a Godard film. She must be thinking this too because she smiled at the thought, and then she said something; it's french. The other man stares in incredulity. But this young man is ecstasized - so quietly alienated from reality - and the moment: so bright and blurry, it never ends.

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