Hotel Cairo (Scene 3)

10th of December 2016

The Gothic structure of the building was most visible in the attic, where a young man and his family spent a night. They had beds on top of one another under pointed arches, and a large window with a view blocked by the next concrete building. Darkness tasted like history in here; rich and bitter.

The family couldn't have known about the mating creatures on the other side of the roof, even when they'd heard dolphin sounds early in the morning. At night, however, stranger creatures flew in between the buildings; making the window a circus show.

A five year old boy - the young man's brother - stood on the window's railing, watching a dragon in the size of an insect; it was waiting for something. The young man called out his mother to see, and suddenly the insect dragon disappeared. A second later they heard his little brother shouting as he stepped away from the railing. Mother had to take him to the emergency room.

The young man stayed in to look after his sister. They were on the bed when off comes an animal through the window. A familiar one this time, he thought... a lion! But how did it get to the attic? His sister was calm to this event, like she had befriended a few lions before. The lion started walking around the room and purring as it came closer, the young man reached out his hand and pet the lion. It started taking a liking to him, in the way it was biting his fingers. He had to ask his sister to lead it back to the window.

Mother returns late at night with father but without boy. The young man and his sister wake from sleep, and soon after, four of them leave the hotel.

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