Hotel Cairo (Scene 4)

11th of October 2016

The Nile separated two coasts; one was green, populous, congested with buildings, and the other a desert ground. The creatures lived in the dry part of the city; a part that the citizens later chose to inhabit, but it did not belong to them. Hotel Cairo - like the other Gothic constructions beside it - was built on creature's land.

Story roamed around the city about the incident and the young man eaten by the mating creatures. Investigations showed that the powerful creatures that were once harmonious with the citizens had become violent due to their exposure to a poisonous plant. Afterwards, a tactic was created by the police in which each of these creatures would be put under the most uncomfortable living situations until they'd eventually leave the city.

Back at the hotel room that had witnessed the crime scene, window to the roof was closed shut with concrete, and the two mating creatures abandoned.

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